ISL Called Out For “Lightness Of Practice” By Former Commercial Head Of League & Ex-Manager Of Energy As Bills “Remain Unpaid”

2021-09-17 Reading Time: 2 minutes

The International Swimming League – ISL) – has been called out for “lightness of practices towards suppliers and employees” by two senior figures who resigned from from the pro-swim organisation last season and now complain that, despite assurances to the contrary, “… bills remain unpaid!”

Under a headline of “ISL : Nothing’s changed…”, Jean-François Salessy, the former General Manager Energy Standard, Paris, and Hubert Montcoudiol, the ex-Commercial Director of the ISL, lambast the league organisers in a statement issued this evening.

The Statement in Full and It’s Claims Against the ISL:

Last November, we resigned of our position of Head Commercial ISL and General Manager Energy Standard, by denouncing the lightness of ISL’s practices towards its suppliers and employees.

The International Swimming League (ISL) issued a statement on the eve of its Grand Final on November 21, 2020 stating: “Our head-down approach to deliver Season 2020 may have caused friction with some suppliers but we will honour all obligations before planning starts for Season3.” 

As of September 17, 2021, seven matches into ISL Season 3, the situation remains the same: bills remain unpaid!

This latest season has been organized in spite of ongoing issues with creditors. The ISL’s unprofessional behavior towards multiple vendors, ongoing since the inaugural Season 1 in 2019, has yet to be resolved.

Elite swimmers, but not all, some audiovisual production partners, and other essential vendors are paid on an arbitrary basis when others are not.
The list of victims of such behaviors includes some Hungarian vendors, a communication agency, press officials, travel agencies, team managers, operational directors, webmasters, digital agency specialists, and other consultants.

These entities performed professional services that helped the ISL develop through its first two season but are they still waiting for their money which, taken together, adds up to a seven-figure number!
Businesses, as well as sole proprietors, have been put in financial difficulties with no payment, and they are left carrying the ISL dream on their shoulders in a way that is unacceptable.

The lack of Media coverage and broadcasters during this season 3, on top of a lack of confidence coming from sponsors, sound obvious in such conditions.

It is clear that the ISL Founder, CEO and management team do not respect their promises. They hide themselves by arguing that “contracts aren’t in place”, that “we recognize there are issues” or that “we’re surprised to hear there are issues” and that “we are actively working to resolve” issues…

The swimming ecosystem doesn’t need to be weakened any further. Generating hopes and then disappointing them is terrible


  • Jean-François Salessy – Ex General Manager Energy Standard Paris
  • Hubert Montcoudiol – Ex Commercial Director ISL

End of statement.

SOS requested response from the IS. A spokesman declined to comment.

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