Dan Wiffen – World Record Holder: 7:20.46 Wipes 3sec Off Hackett’s 2008 Shiny 800 Epic

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Daniel Wiffen, courtesy of Swim Ireland
Daniel Wiffen, courtesy of Swim Ireland

Daniel Wiffen had Irish eyes smiling and spilling tears of joy this Sunday evening when he became the first man from his country to hold a World swimming record.

It wasn’t just any swimming record, either. Aussie legend Grant Hackett clocked 7mins 23.42 back in July 2008 in the first generation of shiny suits. And there the global short-course standard had stood until… Wiffen took a sledgehammer to it in 7mins 20.46 for his third gold medal as the European Championships drew to a close in Otopeni, Romania, today.

The 22-year-old from Magheralin is coached by Andi Manley at Loughborough and has spent the week writing yet another chapter in Irish swimming and sports history with gold in the 400m, the 1500m freestyle at the continental winter showcase event.

“That world record, I think it’s one of the oldest in the book,” said Wiffen afterwards. “To beat his record is just amazing. I look up to him every day.”

A touch outside Hackett’s pace at the 200m, on 1:48.60, he’d moved ahead of the Aussie’s pace-setting standard at the 400m, on 3:40.91, to 3:41.02 in 2008. By then, the best of the rest were around four seconds back and the Irishman was motoring still further ahead.

Paris Calling For Wiffen & Ireland

From bang to the best Irish result ever in swimming, Wiffen had a “1” next to his name. It’s winter, the pool little, the moment another terrific reminder that Ireland and Loughborough have a distance dream on their hands. Paris is calling.

France David Aubry was a distant second in 7:30.32 ahead of Ukraine’s Mykhailo Romanchuk in third, on 7:31.20. Wiffen’s twin brother Nathan finished eighth in 7:39.99 after also accompanying his sibling and training partner in the 1500m final two days ago.

Championship Results In Full / Livestream and meet details

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2 thoughts on “Dan Wiffen – World Record Holder: 7:20.46 Wipes 3sec Off Hackett’s 2008 Shiny 800 Epic”

    Really cool. We have a few guys who are watching this with interest with Schubert (head coach) and me (mentor stroke coach) at The Swim Team (Hafnaoui, Johnston, Gallant, etc.). The distance races are going to be something to watch in Paris! High hopes that USRPT sit in the back seat from now on and the toughest, like Daniel, thrive. Congratulations!! Go Ireland 🙂

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